8 Weeks Pregnant

8 Week Pregnant QUICK BITES

  • Sleepiness and pain can be felt in the breasts.
  • A balanced diet and exercise is very important.
  • It is worthwhile to eat one hour before sleeping at night.
  • Read a book related to pregnancy and learn about it.

You have reached the end of the second month of pregnancy. You have exceeded more than half the time of the first quarter. At this time you will be getting more trouble in the morning.

8 weeks of pregnancy

Now you can not find out that you are going to be a mother. At this time there may be a slight increase in your weight. Your weight will increase when the size of the fetus increases. There is a possibility of abortion happening right now. If you have been pregnant for the first time, then it is important to know that it will decrease the possibility of miscarriage as time goes on.

The embryo is currently grapefruit, now the embryo development will accelerate. You may feel indigestion and heartburn. Do not take any medicine without any doctor advice for relief from indigestion. At this time some women have more trouble in the morning. You should consult a doctor when there is more trouble. Generally, morning sickness is higher in the first trimester.
Infantile development
By the eighth week of pregnancy, the gender of the child is determined. It takes four to five months to see it clearly in sonogram. At this time the child's face and jaw line are being formed. Children's teeth and facial muscles have started to grow. Although the embryo is very small, and weighing up to 3 grams.

In the coming weeks, you will be able to see more changes in embryo development. Every time you do sonogram, you can take a look at the progress made in your child by looking at the sonogram of the earliest sonogram. As time passes, this change will continue to be even more surprising.

Body changes

You can see some external physical as well as more internal changes. The volume of blood has increased in the eighth week. It has increased from 40 percent to 50 percent. If you talk about physical changes then your breasts may get soreness and pain. Your body is preparing for breastfeeding. Black nerves will also be visible around the breast area, this is due to increase in blood flow. You should take an assistant bra or a comfortable bra. It will relieve the problem of breast and you will get relief.

If there is a pain in the lower part of your abdomen, then there is no question of worry. The cause of the pain is the increase in pregnancy. As the child grows, you will start to feel more pressure in that area. The uterus can also experience cascade or contraction. Feeling pain in the legs By reading a book related to pregnancy, you can find out what troubles you may have in the coming months.

What is expected

If your weight is low then it will start to grow during pregnancy. The body has made adjustments with internal changes and morning sickness will start to decrease. You are getting ready for your next visit to doctors, in which you will be physically examined. Know about your blood pressure and weight. Doctors will check your health by checking your urine. You must also go through some tests in the form of HIV tests. This test is legally necessary.


Your body should be adjusted with the child. At this time you will see some symptoms decreasing and some will increase further. You must follow a plan to stay healthy. With this exercise balanced diet is very beneficial for you. You can eat light meals several times a day, but keep in mind that you do not have to eat after one full stomach. Make dinner at least one hour before sleeping. There may be problem of nausea and dyspepsia after sleeping immediately after meals.

Eat heavy food during the day and try to eat light meals for the night. Being healthy is most important for you and your child. Being physically fit is just the beginning, if you have any concerns or thoughts about pregnancy, it would be good to discuss it with your partner. You will be happy to discuss it openly.



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