1 Week Pregnant

1 Week Pregnant QUICK BITES

  • When menstruation stops coming, then this is the symptom of pregnancy.
  • Headache and swelling in the legs also occur when pregnancies occur.
  • Pregnant women should make changes in the food soon.
  • Increase the amount of vitamins, proteins and calories in the diet.
During the first week of pregnancy, the woman could not even know her pregnancy. This week only begins to form the embryo, it does not begin to grow. Although during this time you are not pregnant, but it is also counted in the 40 weeks of pregnancy. After pregnancy, the woman undergoes various stages of pregnancy. The condition of pregnancy is not known in the initial stages, but this condition and early symptoms of pregnancy can be identified after the doctor is expected to intervene or conceive. Through this article we talk about the symptoms of pregnancy and the first week of pregnancy.

First week's symptoms

  • In the first week, many changes in the woman's body are going on a lot, but in the meantime, there is no change outside the body. The healthy woman has a monthly schedule every month or around, but during the first signs of pregnancy there will be menstruation Closes. Preliminary symptoms of pregnancy include swelling, vomiting, frequent urination, etc.
  • Ovulation time starts after 14 days of menstruation. This time is better for pregnancy. Hormonal changes start after pregnancy, which leads to fluctuation in the behavior of pregnant women. As a result of hormonal growth in the body of a woman in pregnancy, her mood always remains rough and rigid. The woman feels good and sometimes feels very bad. Vomiting in pregnancy is a special symptom. It is better to take the antibiotic if you have frequent vomiting and have a conception of pregnancy, then consult a doctor.
  • Complaining of frequent fatigue after pregnancy occurs. Headache starts to feel, swelling is seen on the legs in the earliest days. The early stages of pregnancy happen between the completion of a menstruation and the second wartime. I.e. 28 days pregnant from the last day of the first housewife to the second. Although this is not fixed, but usually the same formula is adopted in the process of conception.
  • In the first week, the taste of the pregnant woman's mouth becomes very bitter and astringent. It does not look like any food stuff, only the taste of sour things is understood.

Diet after pregnancy

  • After pregnancy, the pregnant woman should make immediate changes in the diet. Now it is not for its own sake but for the embryo which is in your womb. It should be stopped immediately after the pregnancy ie, drinking, consuming substance abuse from the initial stage.
  • Do not eclipse the frozen foods safe in the fridge for a long time. In addition, do not eat more cold stale or hot things directly. Include high amount of juice of seasonal fruits and vegetables in the food.
  • Contacting the doctor should talk about your eating habits and other routines like living, so that doctors can give you the right advice. You should increase the amount of vitamins, proteins and calories in your diet. But keep in mind that consult a doctor about how much vitamin E and C should be taken.
After pregnancy, eat vitamin B or Folic Acid in the beginning. By taking this vitamin, child can save from birth defects and spinal cord. However, the doctor should also consult whether you are using this vitamin in the appropriate amount.



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